Thursday, June 7, 2012

My first Sculpting from Life and a Quick Eye Tip

Yes, I skipped yesterday as I was exhausted. I had six hours of school and then three hours of life drawing/sculpting, it was nine when I got home.

By the way, it was my first time going to a live nude study, and I'm rather pleased with how my sculpture turned out.

Life sculpt wip
More picture on my flickr

Not perfect, but good. At least I think so. It was definitly a new experiance, having a live nude model. She was a cute asian girl with a buzzcut. I'm just glad it wasn't a fat old man, nothing against fat old men, it would just be even more uncomfortable seeing them naked. At first I was quite embarrassed and it was hard to look directly at her. I soon got use to it though, and it was very helpful having real 3d reference. The sculpture is unfinished and the model won't be doing this pose again so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I still see many things that need fixing, but can't quite get them right. So any constructive criticism you have would be welcome. I am also unsure of what to do with the sculpture when it is done. I don't want to keep it, and I don't want to squish it. My stepmother suggested I sell it, but as my father says, it isn't the most attractive pose. Any suggestions?

Anyway it was fun, and I think I'm going to go back. I might even take a class there on figure sculpting, though the flier mentions group discussions. And I don't like group discussions, the make me nervous and it's hard for me to speak up. I think it would be worth it even enduring the discussions, to learn from a professional.

And here is a picture of some of the eyes I was talking about last post.

Click to enlarge

I was right, the problem was the type of paint. If I use artist acrylic instead of craft acrylic I can get perfect circles using the dotter/embossing tool or a toothpick. It's still hard to get the pupil centered, but at least now I only have one problem to deal with instead of three.

Also, here is a tip for getting rid of airbubbles in your resin. First try your heatgun on them, most of the time the air in the bubble heats up and rises to the top. If that doesn't work, poke at the bubble with a needle, nudging it to the top. The needle won't pop it, but now if you heat it up again it should work. I think sometimes the bubble gets stuck/attached to the eye and nudging it frees it allows the air to rise when heated.

 One more thing, when using uv resin I find even when the resin is fully cured the surface layer stays sticky and if you touch it, it loses its wonderful shine. Instead of always having to re-gloss the eye, which doesn't even make it as shiny as before, simply use your heatgun or the oven to make them hot - before - you touch them and they won't be sticky and will keep their extreme glossiness.

I received the liv doll that I ordered from amazon. I glad I found her on sale for 6 dollars. I'm going to try to modify her lips, her top lip is just so derpy looking. The space between her nose and top lip is just too large and I hate it. After fixing that I will repaint her. I'm going to be posting more about repainting soon, when I go back to my moms where all my paints and pastels are located. I think I'm going to be posting several repainting tutorials soon. There seems to be barely any at all, especially for monster high dolls. But yeah, expect to see alot more fashion doll repaints, I've amassed a lot of dolls to paint. Three monster highs, one moxie teenz, around 8-10 various barbies and now this liv. I think I must be crazy.

I will still post ooak sculptures, I promise!

Thank you for reading!

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